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        Alright, this is how the things will go in this Blog.  I will try to make the posting as organized as possible.First I will transfer some of the posting that I had made in my previous Blog to this Blog.Then, the posting will be grouped into few categories in order to make them look more organized. From time to time I will update back the classic that I had translated after I discovered, or learnt any new meaning regarding to the “term” used in those classic. And lastly, there will not be any Adsense in this Blog (ha-ha).

        Regarding to my bazi experience, I do not admit my self pro, that is why I adviced do not take the content in this Blog for granted, as there will, or might be mistakes in the “technique” applied. However, it will be nice if one reading it as the purpose of interest only.

        I started reading Bazi somewhere around mid of 2008. I started with Joey’s Destiny Code and Destiny Code Reveal. After that I proceed to Lilian Too bazi’s book. Then somewhere end of 2008 I discover Since then I practice reading Bazi there. In the meanwhile, I read Luo Liang’s , and Qu Wei’s work. Now, I am reading those classic that had commentary done by other people that available freely via the Net (In Chinese). I will translate those commentary into English from time to time (depends on my mood), as there are more easier to be understood compare to the classic term that have “dense” meaning in each word.  

Ok, that’s all.


戊 (陽土): (Wu, Yang Earth)

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Wu Earth (戊土)

固執不自覺,易堅持己見,但富同化力,會將他人思想同化之,外柔內剛,易親易離,沉著具雅量,易沉於情慾之中,善於照顧別人,心腸慈悲,適應力強且逆來順 受,總默默耕耘,可惜經常不受賞識,故常有懷才不遇之感,為人重誠信,憎恨不守信用之人,行事墨守成規且較收斂,性格成熟適做文書,須注意胃脾及腹部的毛 病。

Persistent and unaware, easy to uphold one’s own viewpoint, yet rich with the assimilation strength. It have the possibilities to “assimilate” other people thinking. Outward ,it looks soft and flexible, but in inner it is firm and hard. Easy to attach, and depart from one self. Equip with steady and magnanimity.It is easy to submerge in the feelings of desire. Good in take care of others, with the heart of compassionate and mercy. Strength of adapt is powerful, moreover resign oneself to adversity. Always plowing and weeding (work diligently) in silence. But it is a pity, because their effort is not being recognized. Therefore, always have the feel of not living up to one’s ability. One’s conduct is honest and genuine. Hatred those who does not keep one’s word (trustworthy). When executing a task, hidebound by convention. It’s character is mature, and suitable to hold official correspondence. Should pay attention to spleen stomach and abdominal problems.


Wu earth is a Yang earth. It’s characteristic is like the earth of alpine. Because it is close to the sun, thus it is known as the dry earth. It’s outward appearance looks calm and peaceful, but it inner most being looks irritable an impetuous. Because it is the earth of the high mountain, thus it is not easy to be excavate. However it’s intrinsic is rich and plentiful. Earth is known as trust, believe. Earth with four ends (North -water, East-wood, South-fire, West-metal), cover the land under the heaven. Wu earth is persistent. It is because it likes the old things. Neither to be fond of relocate. However, undertaking a promise of other people will be kept until the final end, It simply won’t sluggish about it.

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己(陰土): (Ji, Ying Earth)

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Ji Earth (己土)


Persistent and also stubborn . Easy to uphold on one’s own viewpoint. Value brotherhood and good in handling a matter. Good in communicate. Likely to stick with one person. Outward appearance is moderate, but inner self is suspicious and jealous, moreover rebel. However it is tolerating and forgiving. Often , they feel under achieving. They are trustable. Should pay attention to the spleen, stomach, and abdomen.


Ji earth known as moist earth. It’s “plasticity” Is strong. Just like the clay, easy to be mould. Although it is stubborn, but when the direction is shown, a device can be forged from it, this is recognized as the Ji earth characteristic. Ji earth people have wide area of friend, different class and variation of friends. Therefore Ji earth is known to have the characteristic to “attract /stick” other people . When socializing, does not bound to the boarder. If the day master of Ji earth have Yi wood in the four pillar, have the ability to suppress the pinnacle of excellent. Ji earth does not afraid of prosperous of wood, and does not fear the prosperous water. But bear in mind Ji earth is warned to avoid the sluggish of it’s appearance.

其好怨,因覺四端因其而生卻不受重視,與其願不若轉換心態方法,只須以信及愛心去幫助需要之人,與人謀而忠之與人交而久之。屬土者缺乏安全感,所以要學會安 心。

Ji earth people like to complain, thus because of this behavior they are not valued. Since it is not hoping to change the means of oneself, Ji earth person is only require to more compassion and trustable to help those who needs. Regarding to the man and scheme, it will last for a long time when it’s treated with loyalty. Ji earth people lacking the feelings of security, therefore is asked to learn how to pacify one own heart and mind.

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庚(陽金):(Geng Yang Metal)

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庚(陽金):(Geng Yang Metal)


Value brotherhood, clearly demarcated the right and wrong, firm, brave, and decisive. Unyielding, unafraid of difficulties as well as defy the mighty. Prefer to be straight and frank in words and actions. Dislike speaking in a roundabout(ndirect) way. Geng Metal people conduct are unusual mighty. Straight and direct when criticize regarding to a incident or an event, therefore have the tendency to offend a people easily. Individuality and personality does not confine oneself into a trivia matter. However vision is sharp and incisive, sense of feeling is acute. Spirit of boldness is excellent, it is said to be fond of influence and power. Good in struggle and battle, particularly for those who born in the month of You (酉) and Shen (申).


The eyes is beautiful ,the voice is excellent, and the skin is flair. Noble charisma in the outward appearance . Character is restrain in the inner, moreover lack of thinking in one’s mind. Normally Geng metal people build up their wealth from nothing. Should pay attention to bones and lung and bronchus, colon, teeth and other issues.


Geng Metal people speak directly and straight to the point. It is similar to the characteristic of the hatchet. Often voice out the emphasis yet unaware of offended other people. Most of the Geng people build up their wealth from nothing, this is because they like to subdue a task through their own ability. If Geng Metal people have the abundant of earth in the four pillar, it will meet obstacle to get out of a predicament (being recognized). But if the Prosperous Metal meet the Fire, then it will added the softness into the nature of Geng Metal. Result it to more conveyable and flexible.

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辛 (陰金): (Xin ,Yin Metal)

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Xin Metal (Yin Metal)


Stepping forward with firm ,courageous and righteous heart. But it is not vanity. Have an excellent endurance. However, it make steady progress incrementally when executing a task. Spare no pains or effort in the pursuit of their desirable dream. Value friendship and restrain the petty. Vision is sharp and incisive. Sense of awareness is sharp and acute. Warm and literate, just like the elegant scholar (Confucian). Have the noble charisma, and eloquence is excellent.


Build up from nothing, throughout one’s life agonize of money matter. Should pay attention to bones, lungs, bronchial, colon, teeth problems.


Xin Metal people tend to display exceptional nervousness. Does not have a good sleeping habit , this is because at night Xin people tend to have difficulties to enter sleep (Is this true?). It is adviced to stay warm. Xin represent changing (variation) of the 24 season. All living things is withered. It is mentioning Xin is the exhausting/suffering of all living things. Have a common characteristic of the hatchet of Geng Metal. Xin metal is like the flat cynkin drilling device, it have the power (might) of it’s own. Once this characteristic is being exhibit, it will ridicule/mock in cold and heat up the satirize. Which is definitely will result a person to feel uncomfortable with it.

其命有兩極化,不是大好就是大壞,辛金喜歡論斷對錯,適走法律,須以中庸之道化解,屬金者實際,但會受熱度不 同,有不同表現,處理事情宜三思而後行。

This type of fate, have the variation of two pole. Either it is the good (proper), or the bad (spoiled). Xin metal people like to infer the right and wrong, the mistake and the fault. However it will followed the law. It is necessary to dissolve this negative traits through the doctrine of the mean. Xin Metal person is reality. However, because of the temperature (heat) of each metal is different, it will result the difference in the quality and the performance. Thus when dealing a matter, should consider carefully in advance.

癸(陰水):(Gui , Yin water)

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癸(陰水):(Gui Water, Yin water)


Intelligent , looks resembles tranquilly , but actually the heart(feeling) rushes turbulently, skillfully in adapting a change according to circumstances. Far-seeing, does not waste resource simply. Conservative, thrifty, has cleanliness, honest and steadfast. Relatively speaking, appearance showing frail sentiment. Nervous , like to fantasizing, has romantic mood. Human relation is good, good in managing a enterprise, and is very easy to succeed.


Like the curving of the small stream, therefore, easy to think too much, sometimes will behave very straight, but mistake will occur through behaving too smart. Should pay attention to the urinary bladder, kidney, which will give health problem. Gui water, just like a mountain stream, brain(thought) is clear, due to the stream is curving like, thus have vicissitude tendency.However, if it have the will to endure, it’s like the water drop that have the ability to penetrate the rock. (maybe it means gui water person need to have endurance/ staying power in order to succeed).

其本身平衡感較差,水的出竅孔在耳朵,容易失去平衡感。癸水超愛乾淨,反而容易生病(因不能融入別的菌)。其行事及企劃,因其多元性,亦是個時事家,喜歡 瀏覽時事資訊,其好煩,大小事都要管,當腎及心臟不好就賺不到錢,最重要要懂得捨,捨得捨得捨得,捨得一切真得真。

Gui water person’s sense of self balance, equilibrium is weak. The source of the stream is from a small hole. Shows easy to lose equilibrium sense. Gui water prefer cleanness, thus easy to get sick. (Due to the failure of integrating with other fungus). When performing a task, or pursue a career, because of gui water nature, likes to keep up to date with current event and information, bothersome, busybody. However, when the kidney and the heart are not in good condition anymore, thus lost the ability to make money. Therefore, the most important is to understand when to go up slowly(means don’t too push ownself), and when to give up.

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壬(陽水): (Ren , Yang Water)

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壬(陽水): (Ren , Yang Water)


Ability and wisdom is high. Rationality is good. Serious with responsibilities. Human relation and personal connection is good. Can meet the wind to transfer the rudder (have the help from external people). Reaction is keen. Good in calculating (related). Appearance look calm/tranquil, bold and caution. Thus easy to succeed in enterprise. Always in changing, easy to get excited. Behavior not fixed. Individuality, is not concede. When performing a task, being careless. Ren water person are good as being a clerk(still have to be determined using 10 gods), due to it’s adaptive capacity, and can endure hardship. When is in luck, have a strong will of attempt, strong enough to submerges a whole village like the ocean with the current of torrent. But will make mistake due to self pride.


Should pay attention to the urinary bladder and the kidney (uninary system). Ren water is like the ocean. Before conducting a task(before set sail), the tool must prepare sufficiently (means have to prepare well),Ren water like to earn big money. Have a high level of talent and advocation of nature.