壬(陽水): (Ren , Yang Water)

壬(陽水): (Ren , Yang Water)


Ability and wisdom is high. Rationality is good. Serious with responsibilities. Human relation and personal connection is good. Can meet the wind to transfer the rudder (have the help from external people). Reaction is keen. Good in calculating (related). Appearance look calm/tranquil, bold and caution. Thus easy to succeed in enterprise. Always in changing, easy to get excited. Behavior not fixed. Individuality, is not concede. When performing a task, being careless. Ren water person are good as being a clerk(still have to be determined using 10 gods), due to it’s adaptive capacity, and can endure hardship. When is in luck, have a strong will of attempt, strong enough to submerges a whole village like the ocean with the current of torrent. But will make mistake due to self pride.


Should pay attention to the urinary bladder and the kidney (uninary system). Ren water is like the ocean. Before conducting a task(before set sail), the tool must prepare sufficiently (means have to prepare well),Ren water like to earn big money. Have a high level of talent and advocation of nature.


~ by bluepeach on December 27, 2009.

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