Alright, this is how the things will go in this Blog.  I will try to make the posting as organized as possible.First I will transfer some of the posting that I had made in my previous Blog to this Blog.Then, the posting will be grouped into few categories in order to make them look more organized. From time to time I will update back the classic that I had translated after I discovered, or learnt any new meaning regarding to the “term” used in those classic. And lastly, there will not be any Adsense in this Blog (ha-ha).

        Regarding to my bazi experience, I do not admit my self pro, that is why I adviced do not take the content in this Blog for granted, as there will, or might be mistakes in the “technique” applied. However, it will be nice if one reading it as the purpose of interest only.

        I started reading Bazi somewhere around mid of 2008. I started with Joey’s Destiny Code and Destiny Code Reveal. After that I proceed to Lilian Too bazi’s book. Then somewhere end of 2008 I discover Since then I practice reading Bazi there. In the meanwhile, I read Luo Liang’s , and Qu Wei’s work. Now, I am reading those classic that had commentary done by other people that available freely via the Net (In Chinese). I will translate those commentary into English from time to time (depends on my mood), as there are more easier to be understood compare to the classic term that have “dense” meaning in each word.  

Ok, that’s all.


~ by bluepeach on December 28, 2009.

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